Castle Darkmoor has been standing in the midst of an unnatural swamp for two full centuries. The land was horrifically damaged in the aftermath of a holy crusade. Rethas Darkmoor, the castle’s current master, inherited the property from his father, to whom it was awarded for his support and sacrifices made during the war.

After a particularly nasty run-in with some evil outsiders Rethas Darkmoor met an untimely end and the ownership of his castle passed to the remainder of his servants. While inspecting the property his servants discovered secret passages and hidden in the dungeon a prisoner who had long been forgotten. Most likely insane from his long period of captivity he rewarded his rescuers with a firsthand glance into the past.

Now they are lost in a time that is not their own in the middle of war; their only allies being the individuals who lost so long ago. Is it a fight for survival, a fight to get home or a fight to change history itself?

Dark Histories: The Council of Twelve