Field Marshal Adolf Bismarck

Brilliant Strategist and Head of the Military


Field Marshal Adolph Bismarck (Marshal-10)

HP: 75 AC: 22 BAB: +7 Speed: 20 ft Senses: Spot/Listen +1/+1 Str-13,Dex-15,Con-16,Int-12,Wis-11,Cha-22 Fort +10, Ref +5, Will +12, Initiative +2

Skills: Bluff +21, Diplomacy +26, Intimidate +23, Perform: Oratory +19, Sense Motive +13 Feats: Skill Focus: Diplomacy, Persuasive, Battlefield Inspiration, Force of Personality, Combat Panache Special Qualities: Damage Reduction 5/bludgeoning or slashing, Major Auras +2:Hardy Soldiers, Motivate Ardor, Motivate Urgency , Minor Auras: Force of Will, Master of Opportunity, Motivate Charisma, Motivate Wisdom, Over the Top Special Attacks: Grant Move Action 2/day Equipment: +1 Keen Rapier, +1 Spearblocking Breastplate, +2 Heavy Steel Shield, Cloak of Charisma +2 Attacks: +1 Keen Rapier +9/+4 1d6+2, 15-20/x2

Aura Effects (effects all allies within 60 feet)

Hardy Soldiers – allies gain Damage Reduction 2/-

Motivate Attack – +2 circumstance bonus to attacks

Motivate Urgency – allies gain +10 circumstance bonus to base land speed

Force of Will – +6 circumstance bonus to Will Saves

Master of Opportunity – +6 circumstance bonus to AC against Attacks of Opportunity

Motivate Charisma – +6 circumstance bonus to Charisma ability/skill checks

Motivate Wisdom – +6 circumstance bonus to Wisdom ability/skill checks

Over the Top – +6 circumstance bonus to charge damage


Bismarck was the child of a human and elf pairing that established peace between the elves of Jintaira and the human nation of Caramos. Growing up in this environment turned Adolph into a skilled diplomat. He made himself a war hero during Caramos’ war with the Red Dwarves of the northern mountains by holding off a superior enemy force via a series of bluffs for three weeks before reinforcements could arrive and secure his position. After the war the Imperial Cult employed him as a military adviser in the Council of Twelve.

Field Marshal Adolf Bismarck

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