Lord Inquisitor Bartholomew Hume

Church Inquisitor of Heironeous


Lord Inquisitor Bartholomew Hume (Cleric-4/Church Inquisitor-6)

HP: 55 AC: 18 BAB: +7 Speed: 20 ft Senses: Spot/Listen +6 Str-10,Dex-11,Con-13,Int-13,Wis-22,Cha-18 Fort +7, Ref +3, Will +15, Initiative +0

Skills: Concentration +14, Diplomacy +12, Heal +14, Knowledge: Arcana +6, Knowledge: Religion +14, Sense Motive +14, Spellcraft +16 Domains: Inquisition, Good, War Feats: Weapon Focus: Longsword, Extra Turning x2, Divine Metamagic: Quicken Spell, Negotiator, Quicken Spell

Special Qualities: Aura, Detect Evil (Sp) at will, Immune to Charms (Ex), Pierce Illusion (Su), Pierce Disguise (Ex), Immune to Compulsions (Ex) Special Attacks: Spells, Turn Undead 15/day (+6, 2d6+8), Force Shapechange (Su) at will Equipment: +2 Longsword, Adamantine Breastplate (DR 2/-), +1 Heavy Shield, Gloves of Dexterity +2, Amulet of Tears, Greater Bracers of Inquisition, Ring of Smiting Attacks: +2 Longsword: +10/+5 1d8+2, 19-20/x2

Spells per Day 6/6+1/6+1/4+1/3+1/2+1 (Save DC 16+spell level) Typical Spells Prepared: 0—Cure Minor Wounds (2), Detect Magic (2), Guidance (2) 1st— Bless, Divine Favor +3 (2), Entropic Shield, Shield of Faith +3 (2), Detect Chaos (D) 2nd— Owl’s Wisdom, Resist Energy, Silence, Sound Burst, Spiritual Weapon, Zone of Truth, Magic Circle Against Evil, Spiritual Weapon (D) 3rd— Dispel Magic, Prayer, Searing Light (2), Detect Thoughts (D) 4th— Death Ward, Divine Power, Inflict Critical Wounds, Holy Smite (D) 5th— Righteous Might, Spell Resistance 22, Dispel Evil (D)


A distinguished member of the Council of Twelve’s Outer Circle and second-in-command of Gray Gate’s Inquisitors. Time has not been kind to him, but he still insists on serving his lord and God Heironeous the best way he knows how; by dealing out just punishments to the unrighteous. His position is mostly bureaucratic, but he enjoys his occasional field assignments and the opportunity to work with younger generations of Paladins and Clerics.

Lord Inquisitor Bartholomew Hume

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